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Rothwell Sofa


93.00"w x 41.25"d x 34.00"h

Combining traditional forms with clever details and sophisticated materials, this rolled arm sofa brings an artful, curatorial style to your great room or sitting area. The abundance of different-shaped plush pillows adds an inviting and delightful touch. (Please let us know if you’d like the matching toss cushions included in delivery).


93.00"w x 41.25"d x 34.00"h


Light Beige

The Rothwell sofa stands out with its assortment of uniquely shaped toss cushions. You have the option to have the sofa shipped with assorted toss cushions or to design your own combination. (Assorted toss cushions come at no extra charge, but coordinating toss cushions will incur an additional cost). Please note that this is a large sofa and will require an appropriately spacious area to accommodate it.