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Callie Sofa


89.50"w x 39.00"d x 33.00"h

The Callie Sofa is enveloped in high-end leather, but its allure goes beyond mere materiality. Patchwork pattern stitching adorns the side of the arms, adding depth to its design. A wrap-around wood base exudes magnificent style, while flared arms infuse the room with drama. Elevate your space with this exquisite piece.


89.50"w x 39.00"d x 33.00"h


Blue Grey Leather and Medium Stained Wood

To complement the luxurious leather of the Callie Sofa without competing with its elegance, consider pairing it with upholstered accent chairs. This combination allows the sofa to remain the focal point of the room while adding depth and visual interest through contrasting textures. A great suggestion would be the Ameri Accent Chair.