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Brooklyn Sofa


86.00"w x 45.00"d x 34.00"h

With a standout sofa like the Brooklyn, staging your living room becomes effortless. Its unique curved silhouette and diamond-patterned tufting defy convention, ensuring it stands out from the ordinary. Whether showcased on its own or adorned with toss cushions, the Brooklyn promises to leave a lasting impression, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any space with its distinctive charm.


86.00"w x 45.00"d x 34.00"h



The dramatic, high-armed profile of this sofa calls for taller end tables to complement its stature. While its length adheres to standard dimensions, the sofa boasts a touch of extra depth, enhancing its overall presence in the room. The Brielle C-Table, with its adjustable height feature, presents itself as an excellent end table option to complement the dramatic profile of this sofa.


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