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Vivien Sofa


91.50" w x 37.50" d x 29.00" h

If you’ve been searching for a statement piece for your living room, your quest ends here. The Vivien sofa, draped in luxurious grey upholstery and adorned with intricate tufting, commands attention in any setting. Vintage-style caster legs add an additional eye-catching touch, solidifying the Vivien as the perfect choice for those seeking to make a bold statement.


91.50" w x 37.50" d x 29.00" h



While the Vivien sofa may not boast significant depth, its rolled arms occupy considerable space. Therefore, it’s best suited for a room with larger proportions. For a unified aesthetic, opt for coffee and end tables featuring gold accents, which complement the gold studding on the sofa. The Casper coffee table paired with the Amara end table create a perfect combination for this purpose.


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