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Delta Dining Armchair


24.75"w x 25.00"d x 39.00"h

The Delta dining armchair seamlessly blends classic design elements with subtle geometric motifs, embodying a contemporary design that’s both comfortable and sophisticated. Its distinctive feature, an upholstered hexagonal back, is accentuated with contrast welting and encased in white oak. This oak is cerused, introducing a touch of gold that enhances the chair’s elegance, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a blend of earthy comfort and sophisticated design. For a coordinated, designer look, pair it with the matching Delta Dining Chair.

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24.75"w x 25.00"d x 39.00"h


Oak finished in medium brown with hints of gold and a cream upholstered fabric seat

The two Delta Dining Arm Chairs are meticulously designed to serve as prominent captain chairs at the head of your table, ensuring a notable and authoritative presence. They are perfectly crafted to complement each other and seamlessly integrate with the Delta Dining Chair, forming a unified and stylish dining ensemble. This combination elevates the dining experience through its cohesive elegance and sophisticated design. Furthermore, these chairs can be beautifully paired with the Doncaster Extendable Dining Table, creating a harmonious and refined dining room setup.

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